Tyrese Denied Visitation with Daughter Cops Called

2/12/2014 6:18 AM PST

Tyrese -- DENIED Visitation with Daughter -- Cops Called


Tyrese and his baby mama got into it last night over their kid ... and this time cops got involved.

Tyrese went to Norma Gibson's home in North Hollywood Tuesday night to pick up their 6-year-old daughter. Sources say Norma did not want to hand the kid over because she was sick.

But before he got there ... we're told Norma called police because she felt the custody order did not require her to turn the kid over and she needed cops to look at the document.  LAPD officers arrived and Tyrese showed up as well.

Cops talked to Tyrese and left ... and so did Tyrese -- without the kid.

Law enforcement sources tell us there was no disturbance of the peace ... no police report was taken and as far as they were concerned it's case closed.

But it's not case closed for Tyrese. Sources connected to the actor tell TMZ ...  he's going to court to ask a judge to hold Norma in contempt and throw her in jail for violating the custody order. He does not believe his child was sick ... he thinks it's all just revenge.