L.A. Cop Come Sit On My Bike And You Can Go

3/29/2014 1:00 AM PDT

LAPD Cop Investigation -- Come Sit On My Bike and You Can Go


The LAPD is conducting a formal Internal Affairs investigation triggered by photos obtained by TMZ ... in which a patrol officer appears to have let a woman he stopped sit on his chopper as he took a bunch of photos ... then allegedly let her go without ticketing her.

The incident occurred Friday afternoon in the mid-Wilshire area of L.A.   An eyewitness tells TMZ ... the cop stopped the woman ... apparently for running a stop sign.

We're told the officer got off his bike and appeared ready to write her up, but the eyewitness says the woman began flirting ... apparently with some success. 

The eyewitness says the woman got out of the car and mounted his motorcycle, with his permission.  He took her phone and obligingly began snapping pics.

We're told she eventually got off the bike and drove away, without getting a ticket.