Instagram Our Site Crashed But Don't Blame Coachella

4/12/2014 11:56 AM PDT

Instagram Crashed ... But Don't Blame Coachella

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Angry Instagram users, put down your pitchforks ... all the hipsters sharing photos at Coachella didn't crash the site Saturday morning -- Instagram says the blame lies elsewhere.

Insta users were in a panic this morning after the photo sharing site went down around 9:30 am ... and some of the Coachella-related tweets were hilarious.

David Spade said, "Instagram is down.  Does that mean they cancel Coachella? I mean what's the point of going now. To hear music??"

Another person posed the question, "If Instagram is down, does Coachella even really exist?"

Instagram says it was a "feed delivery issue" ... but the site appears to be working now.

There's peace in the desert.