Lisa Vanderpump Here's $40K ... To Make Sexual Assault Case Go Away

4/13/2014 12:45 AM PDT

Lisa Vanderpump -- Here's $40K ... To Make Sexual Assault Case Go Away


Lisa Vanderpump is trying to make a sexual assault lawsuit go away with money ... problem is, the two sides are a little off -- by around $5 MILLION.

We broke the story ... waitress Karina Bustillos filed suit ... claiming a manager at Vanderpump's restaurant, Villa Blanca tried to kiss her, called her a "c***," and violently grabbed her wrists. Bustillos says she complained to Vanderpump ... who refused to do anything about it.

Bustillos quit ... and filed a $5 million lawsuit for sexual assault and battery.

Vanderpump tells TMZ ... the suit is ridiculous.  The woman is an out-of-work actress who has admitted in her deposition she's been fired several times ... once for drinking on the job.  And Vanderpump says -- contrary to Bustillos' allegations -- it's already been established Lisa knew nothing about the accusations until the case was filed.

And Vanderpump says the manager in question has NEVER had a complaint filed against him and has worked for her for years.  Finally Vanderpump says she fully investigated and there's no evidence the manager did anything wrong.

According to court docs -- obtained by TMZ -- Vanderpump is offering $40,001 -- not exactly the $5 million Bustillos is demanding.

Bustillos has until Monday to accept the offer -- that's when the trial begins.