Artie Lange Hospitalized For Diabetic Shock

4/15/2014 2:40 PM PDT

Artie Lange Hospitalized For Diabetic Shock

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4:25 PM PT -- Artie's expected to get out of the hospital tomorrow, according to his rep. We're told he's feeling much better, but he'll be heading home for some rest.

As for this weekend's L.A. stand up gig -- we're told it's going to be rescheduled.

Artie Lange
has been admitted to a hospital in Michigan ... suffering from diabetic shock ... according to the comedian.

Lange tweeted photos just a short while ago showing himself in a hospital gown and lying in a bed ... and not looking happy about the situation. 

Artie tweeted, "In the hospital outside of Detroit after going into diabetic shock. Trying to get better. Sorry for missing gigs."

Artie's radio and simulcast TV show is in repeats this week because he's on the road doing stand up again.

It's unclear at this point if he'll be able to make his next scheduled date -- April 19 in L.A.

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