Charlie Sheen The New Man Fashion Depp And I Wear Engagement Rings!

4/23/2014 12:30 AM PDT

Charlie Sheen's Engagement Ring -- The New Man Fashion -- Depp And I Wear 'Em!


Charlie Sheen isn't hitched -- yet -- but he's making it clear he's off the market ... proudly sporting what looks like a wedding band ... but Charlie tells us he and Johnny Depp are starting a new trend -- by wearing manly man ENGAGEMENT rings.

Charlie's in Paris with his fiancee -- former adult star Brett Rossi -- and was pretty well lit himself when he stopped to take photos with fans -- ring on finger.

Charlie tells TMZ  he's no one's husband yet, saying it's a man's engagement ring from Tiffany symbolizing his eternal love for Brett.

As for Depp, he says the diamond engagement ring on his finger was originally meant for his fiancee, Amber Heard ...but it was too big, so he wears it.