Billy Joel I Tried Heroin Once ... 'It Got Me So High'

4/29/2014 12:45 AM PDT

Billy Joel Tried Heroin ... Tells Howard Stern: 'It Got Me So High' [LISTEN]

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It's no secret that Billy Joel used to hit the bottle pretty hard, but now he's revealed that he once tried heroin ... and it sounds like it scared the crap out of him. 

Joel was chatting with Howard Stern on Monday night at a live "Town Hall" from New York's Cutting Room club. The Piano Man performed with the likes of Pink, Melissa Etheridge and Tony Bennett.

During a Q&A, Joel offered up the heroin story, telling Stern, "This was back in the late Seventies, I think. We were in Amsterdam, and there was all this stuff going on, so I said 'Let me see what this is like.'"

He continued, "It got me so high I didn't know how to deal with it. You just get way out, just go to another place, and you're into the blues. All you want to hear is the blues. You start drooling, and you get sick."

Seems Joel does not always go to extremes.