2 Chainz Cops Plea Gets Awesome Bracelet from Judge

5/5/2014 9:59 AM PDT

2 Chainz -- Cops Plea, Gets Awesome Bracelet From Judge


2 Chainz is one cool cat ... coming face-to-face with a judge in a FELONY drug case and not only blowing kisses in court, but wooing the judge over to the point hizzoner gave Chainz some bling.

The rapper copped a plea in his drug case -- where he was busted at LAX last June for carrying codeine in one of his bags. 

Chainz, with his lawyer, Leonard Levine, pled guilty to misdemeanor drug possession and that's all she wrote.

He got probation, but he got something else.  Judge Keith Schwartz gave Chainz a sobriety bracelet.

Now he's 3 Chainz.