Kevin Spacey I Did NOT Get Millions for Presidential Selfie

5/17/2014 2:41 PM PDT

Kevin Spacey -- I Did NOT Get Paid Millions For Presidential Selfie

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On "House of Cards" Kevin Spacey deals in political payoffs all the time -- but Spacey says his real pockets are clean, and says a report claiming he was paid 8 mil for a photo with Mexico's President ... is total BS.

After Spacey and President Enrique Pena Nieto took the selfie earlier this month in Cancun ... a report came out saying the actor was paid the 7-figure sum -- and a Mexican tourism official board confirmed to Forbes a payment was made, but refused to reveal the price.

However, Spacey says that's a load of crap ... tweeting, "Story about Mex Gov paying 8m or any amount for selfie not true!"

Kevin was in Cancun to speak a tourism fair, but he adds ... "Meeting President not planned at all."