'Famous in 12' Family SCREW YOU HATERS!

5/30/2014 12:30 AM PDT

'Famous in 12' Family -- SCREW YOU HATERS!

The family TMZ has selected for the ultimate social experiment -- whether a no-name family can move to Hollywood and become famous in 12 weeks -- is lashing out at their haters.

We posted a story Thursday ... announcing the launch of a new show -- "Famous in 12," debuting on the CW Tuesday at 8 PM. We moved the Artiaga family from Beaumont, CA to Hollywood and they have 12 weeks to scheme their way to fame ... or else they go back home.

Lots of TMZ users are scoffing at the family ... calling them stupid and ugly.

The 3 daughters -- Taliah, Jameelah and Maariyah Artiaga are not taking it well.

We're going to be following the family on TMZ for the 12 weeks. So keep hating.