'Shark Tank's' Daymond John 'Famous in 12' Chicks Need Talent

We hit up famous TV 'Shark' Daymond John for a round of STREET "Shark Tank" ... and we got to make 3 pitches.

Two of 'em were DOA, but Daymond thinks the one about a fame hungry family willing to do anything to make it in Hollywood ... just might have legs. IF their legs have an ounce of talent.

'Famous in 12' Sisters WHO'D YOU RATHER?

While the entire Artiaga family is on the pursuit for fame on their new show Famous in 12 -- there is a battle brewing amongst them.

The three eldest daughter's have taken to their respective social media sites and posted some seriously sexy photos of themselves -- which has fueled a battle of the bods!

Who'd You Rather?

Here's 19-year-old singer Maariyah (left), 26-year-old dancer Taliah (center) and 22-year-old model Jameelah (right) all posing for the Internet showdown.

Be sure to click on each of their names for a more in-depth look before you vote. BTW, Famous in 12 airs Tuesday night at 8 (7 Central) on the CW.

The question is ...


Win a trip to Hollywood and the TMZ Newsroom. Follow @famousin12 on Twitter for the sweepstakes question -- Then watch Famous in 12 tonight at 8.7c on the CW and tweet your answer.

One lucky winner will score a trip for two to Hollywood to visit the TMZ newsroom, two night stay in a hotel, plus spending cash.

CLICK HERE for sweepstakes rules and regulation.

L.A. Pride Parade Everybody's on the Bus Including Us!

Coldplay loving drag queens and half-naked guys in firefighter outfits were just some of the L.A. Pride Parade highlights on Sunday ... and the TMZ Tour Bus had a front row seat.

The parade has been raging for hours and for those of you missing out -- we got some choice footage of the best floats and costumes.

Promoters say more than 400k people were expected to attend the event -- making it the largest gathering ever of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in Southern California.

We also shot the girls from "Famous in 12" at the parade -- TMZ's experiment to see if a family desperately seeking fame can move to Hollywood and achieve their goal in 12 weeks -- and they said the event has been a blast.

'Famous in 12' Girl My Boobs Are Real And They're Spectacular!

"Famous in 12" chick Jameelah Artiaga wants to set the record straight about her boobs ... they're 100% real -- even though tons of people online think she's got fake knockers.

Artiaga says her size 32DD tatas are far from fake ... and she doesn't understand why so many people on Twitter accused her of having implants after the show's debut.

Jameelah adds, "I've worn the same bra size since I was 16!"

and her family are part of TMZ's experiment -- to see if a family desperately seeking fame can move to Hollywood and achieve their goal in 12 weeks. It airs Tuesdays on the CW at 8 PM.

Shelly Sterling PHOTOBOMBED!

Shelly Sterling was full-on mobbed by paparazzi as she left Craig's restaurant in West Hollywood Tuesday night ... and she was also epically photobombed by the girls from "Famous in 12."

Shelly has been low-profile since inking a deal last week to sell the L.A. Clippers. So it was a feeding frenzy outside the restaurant when Jameelah, Taliah and Maariyah Artiaga latched onto her like moths to a flame ... and it's hilarious.

The girls are part of a TMZ social experiment ... we moved their family to L.A. from a small town and we're giving them 12 weeks to scheme their way to fame. The show airs Tuesdays on the CW at 8 PM.

So far ... crazy.

Ray J Talks Sex Tape Just Before Spitting

Ray J tempted one of the girls in the new reality show "Famous in 12" with the prospect of shooting to stardom Kim Kardashian style ... just days before getting arrested for allegedly spitting on a cop.

Ray J is featured in the first episode of "Famous in 12" ... which debuts on the CW Tuesday at 8 PM.

The show is a TMZ experiment ... to see if a family desperately seeking fame can move to Hollywood and achieve their goal in 12 weeks. Social media will be a big part of the show ... i.e., your opinion will count.

Jameelah Sex Tape

Ray was pretty open about the power of the sex tape with 22-year-old Jameelah Artiaga (@FN12Jameelah.)

She seems ... undecided.

'Famous in 12' Family SCREW YOU HATERS!

The family TMZ has selected for the ultimate social experiment -- whether a no-name family can move to Hollywood and become famous in 12 weeks -- is lashing out at their haters.

We posted a story Thursday ... announcing the launch of a new show -- "Famous in 12," debuting on the CW Tuesday at 8 PM. We moved the Artiaga family from Beaumont, CA to Hollywood and they have 12 weeks to scheme their way to fame ... or else they go back home.

Lots of TMZ users are scoffing at the family ... calling them stupid and ugly.

The 3 daughters -- Taliah, Jameelah and Maariyah Artiaga are not taking it well.

We're going to be following the family on TMZ for the 12 weeks. So keep hating.

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