Aaron Carter Everyone Got Screwed ... Except the Pooch

5/31/2014 12:30 AM PDT

Aaron Carter Bankruptcy -- Everyone Got Screwed Except the Pooch


Good news for Aaron Carter ... he doesn't owe anyone money anymore, because his long list of creditors just got royally screwed.

Carter has been relieved of his massive debts by a bankruptcy judge.  Just how massive you ask? He owed more than $2 million, and was worth a meager $8K.  Even his dog was worthless, valued at zero.

And speaking of zero ... that's exactly what his creditors are going to get -- even his long lost Uncle Sam got the shaft.  Aaron's $1.3 million tax debt was also excused.

On the bright side -- Aaron completed a credit counseling class and a course in personal finance management.

So maybe you can teach an old dog new tricks ... unless he's worthless.