George Lucas Leaked 'Episode VII' Pics ... Ain't My Problem!!

6/7/2014 12:30 AM PDT

George Lucas -- Leaked 'Episode VII' Pics Ain't My Problem


George Lucas
 -- the man who gave the world 6 "Star Wars" movies -- wants everyone to know ... he could give a wookie's ass about 'Episode VII' set pics getting leaked because he's retired and LOVING it!  

Lucas was leaving the St. Regis Hotel in NYC when our photog asked George his opinion about the new set photos TMZ posted ... showing the Millennium Falcon, new creatures and more.

Like a true Jedi master, GL had the perfect response -- especially for a guy who sold the franchise (and Lucasfilm) to Disney for $4 BILLION!

Watch the clip ... George has definitely erased all memory of Jar Jar Binks. If only we could do the same.