'Star Wars' Episode VII J.J. Abrams Boosts Millennium Falcon Buzz

6/4/2014 8:33 AM PDT

'Star Wars' Episode 7 -- J.J. Abrams Boosts Millennium Falcon Buzz

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J.J. Abrams attempted to shoot down the Millennium Falcon dreams of 'Star Wars' fans -- but is actually going to send them into hyperspace with his first comment about TMZ's super secret set photos

The Episode VII director tweeted a pic of a handwritten note ... complaining the photos got out and wished people would stop "making ridiculous claims that the Millennium Falcon is in the movie." 

Sounds like he's dismissing the pics TMZ posted of what damn sure looks like the Falcon under construction -- but a closer look at his Twitpic reveals J.J.'s really giving fans a nudge and a wink.

J.J.'s note is pinned to something that looks JUST like the famous game board on Han Solo's ship. 
So, he's either toying with fans' emotions -- or acknowledging the Falcon's gonna fly again in a very cool way.

We're going with the latter. Message received, J.J.