Big Boi No Longer an Outkast in His Marriage ... Divorce DROPPED

6/23/2014 8:10 AM PDT

Big Boi's Divorce OFF -- No Longer An Outkast In His Marriage


Andre 3000 is not the only person with whom Big Boi has reunited  ... we've learned he and his estranged wife have dropped their divorce ... shocking because it was super contentious.

As TMZ first reported ... Big Boi's wife, Sherlita Patton, filed divorce docs last October after 11 years of marriage.  She demanded support and full custody.  Big Boi responded  that she wasn't getting anything without a fight.

But in quiet fashion ... the two filed docs earlier this month asking the judge to 86 the divorce ... and the judge obliged.

The move is not completely out of left field -- Big Boi posted a photo of Patton on Mother's Day with the caption, "Happy Mother's Day to my queen."