Katie Cleary My Husband's Suicide Nothing to Do with Leo Photo

6/24/2014 2:30 PM PDT

Katie Cleary -- My Husband's Suicide Had Nothing to Do with Leonardo DiCaprio Photo


"Deal or No Deal" model Katie Cleary says her husband's suicide over the weekend had nothing to do with photos that surfaced of her hanging with Leo DiCaprio and Adrian Grenier ... but the husband's friends tell a different story.

TMZ broke the story ... Andrew Stern -- who married Cleary in July 2010 -- shot himself in the head Sunday, and law enforcement tells us he was suffering significant stress over marital problems.

Just last month Katie was in Cannes partying with Leo and Adrian ... and reports surfaced that she was involved with Leo, although he denies it.

Now Katie's rep tells us ... the couple split 8 months ago and Stern filed for divorce in April.  The rep says Cleary and Stern discussed the photos and they were a non-issue.

But several of Andrew's friends see it differently, telling us the pics really bothered him.  They say Andrew still loved Katie but filed for divorce because she was humiliating him by globetrotting and hobnobbing with celebs. 

Katie's rep also says Katie and Adrian have been friends for a while, and she had never even met Leo until the night of the photo, where they talked about animal conservation and that's all.

As we reported ... in addition to marital problems, we're told Andrew was stressed out over finances.  Katie's rep and Andrew's friends say he was also struggling with depression.