'Major Crimes' Star Twitter Criminal Wishes Him Death On Malaysian Jet

7/27/2014 12:55 AM PDT

Graham Patrick Martin's Cyber Stalker -- 'Major Crimes' Star Getting Threatening Tweets


"Major Crimes" star Graham Patrick Martin is being terrorized by a cyber stalker who wished him a violent death aboard one of the doomed Malaysian jets.

Someone has created a Twitter account with Martin's name ... using a different middle initial but making it appear it's the actor's official Twitter account.  The impostor is going to town, sending more than 100 tweets a day, in one case tweeting, "How unlucky I wasn't on board Flight 370."

The fake Martin also wrote, "I sure have the likability of a Hitler youth."  And the fraud is also bashing the real Martin's girlfriend, tweeting, "I think it's sad dat now at her 30s whore doesn't look older than 80, but tomorrow she'll look like infinity."

The guy has been sending more than 100 tweets a day. Twitter shut down the account but the guy just fired up a new one.

The 22-year-old actor has gone to the LAPD asking for help.  He's worried people are confusing the impostor for him, which is hurting his image and scaring him and his family.

LAPD just executed a search warrant on Twitter to get info allowing them to track the guy down and arrest him.