'Hollywood Hillbillies' Chicks with No Teeth Can DESTROY a Corn Cob!

8/5/2014 4:46 PM PDT

'Hollywood Hillbillies' -- Chicks With No Teeth Can Destroy a Corn Cob!

This is hilarious.  The grandma from "Hollywood Hillbillies" proves that people with fake teeth can mow through a corn cob machine-gun style.

The scene:  Mema (grandma) is in her backyard chowing down when her grandson rushes in to say they have a meeting with producer David Weintraub ... who eventually introduces them to Ray J.

Short of time ... Mema goes to town on the corn.  Mind you ... this ancient chick doesn't have real chompers.

The show airs at 9 PM Tuesday on Reelz Channel.