George Clooney Have Fun at My Wedding But My Digital Eye is on You!!!

9/28/2014 7:48 AM PDT

George Clooney -- Have Fun at My Wedding ... But I Got My Digital Eye On You!


George Clooney
created a deliciously diabolical security plan to keep guests from giving the media pictures of the wedding ... and even though he said the issue was hackers ... it's clear the REAL concern was that he didn't completely trust all the guests.

TMZ knows the ground rules for wedding night, requiring ALL guests:

-- Leave your cellphone in your hotel room
-- If you think you may need your phone, then bring it ... but leave it at a kiosk near the entrance
-- All guests will be provided a burner phone with a code, which serves as a ticket to enter
-- All guests will also receive a camera to take pics as they please
-- HERE'S THE CATCH ... The camera has a code that allows George's people to access the photos.  So if Amal's 3rd cousin were to give TMZ a pic of the nuptials, George could find the matching phone pic and skewer the cuz.

The guests were all told the reason for the security measures was because of all the hackers who have been in the news recently.  But here's the thing.  If it's hackers the wedding party were interested in ... what's the point of tracking down the particular camera?

Clearly -- and reasonably -- George and company know ... friendships and blood relations only go so far.