'Outbreak' Star Back in the Hot Zone ... I Can't Stop Ebola This Time

10/2/2014 12:40 AM PDT

'Outbreak' Star -- Back in the Hot Zone, But Says ... I Can't Stop Ebola This Time


The little girl who stopped an Ebola outbreak 20 years ago -- in the movies, anyway -- is right in the middle of the real life outbreak in Dallas ... and she's terrified it can't be blocked this time.

Kara Bosworth played the hero kid in "Outbreak" back in '95. She's the one who captured patient zero -- the African monkey that brought Ebola to the U.S. -- and as bad luck would have it ... she now lives in Dallas.

Kara tells us she's keeping a close eye on the case everyone's talking about, but doesn't plan on fleeing Big D ... yet. Kara, now 25, learned a few things from the movie ... telling us she won't run for the hills unless the virus mutates and becomes airborne.

Kara's biggest fear is the CDC won't be able to squash this, and all of Dallas could be quarantined -- a la "Outbreak." She adds, "A plate of apples [to lure a monkey] probably won't work this time."