Matt Lauer Dr. Snyderman Was at Fault

10/14/2014 8:07 AM PDT

Matt Lauer -- Dr. Snyderman Was At Fault in Violating Quarantine


Matt Lauer was more honest than any of his colleagues Tuesday ... telling our photog that Nancy Snyderman was squarely at fault for violating the Ebola quarantine ... something no one, including the doc, has said.

We got Matt coming out of the "Today" studios and asked about Snyderman's apology, in which she says her crew did indeed violate the quarantine ... she did NOT take personal responsibility, even though she was in the back of her Mercedes for a restaurant run recently.

Matt didn't mince words, and said Nancy's part of the crew and assessed the blame where it should lie.

Snyderman's statement was really shocking ... she rolled the bus over her crew, making it seem like THEY violated the quarantine but not her.  Matt set things straight.