Tyler Shields Blows Up Vintage Rolls-Royce For Art's Sake

10/14/2014 10:15 AM PDT

Tyler Shields -- Blows Up Vintage Rolls-Royce for Art's Sake (VIDEO)


Celebrity photog Tyler Shields ... who once obliterated a $100K Birkin bag and called it art... just did something even CRAZIER ... he blew up a freakin' Rolls-Royce!

Shields tells us he parked a vintage Rolls Silver Shadow -- worth about $50K -- in the Mojave Desert north of LA over the weekend -- then detonated a massive explosion inside the car.

The blast blew parts of the whip sky high ... and Shields had cameras placed all around to record the whole thing. 

Shields says he's dreamed of blowing up a Rolls ever since he was a kid. 

Check out the slo-mo ... it's oddly beautiful.