Brad Pitt Has a 'B PITT' License Plate ... Or Does He?

1/13/2015 6:24 AM PST

Brad Pitt ... Has 'B PITT' License Plate ... Or Does He? (VIDEO)


Brad Pitt wants everyone to recognize him on the road, which is why he has the license plate, "B PITT" ... yes, it's ridiculous, but our photog Charlie bought it hook, line and sinker.

Here are the clues Charlie:

1.  Brad probably doesn't shop at the Gelson's in Marina del Rey.  
2.  Pitt famously rides around town on a motorcycle wearing a helmet, which he keeps on for cover even after he dismounts. So red-flagging his identity on a license plate is highly improbable. 
3.  There's no reason for Brad to tool around town with a walkie talkie.
4.  Come on Charlie, it's not Brad Pitt.

Brad Pitt aside  ... it's fun watching people park their cars.