Taryn Manning You're Not My Fairy Godmother ... You're My Stalker

1/13/2015 11:35 AM PST

Taryn Manning -- You're Not My Fairy Godmother, You're My Stalker

Exclusive Details
Taryn Manning's alleged stalker violated a restraining order by hitting her with a barrage of phone calls and texts ... and a massive "manifesto" about Taryn she uploaded to Reddit ... this according to the criminal complaint obtained by TMZ. 

According to the New York District Attorney's Office, Jeanine Heller has been using various phone numbers to text and call the "Orange Is the New Black" star over the last few months, sometimes pretending to be other people. 

Some of the messages included:

-- "Why have you tormented me and spread lies ... You said if I died you would celebrate. Well go celebrate. Karma will come." 
-- “I miss you. Don’t ruin your pretty smile with cigarettes. This is your fairy godmother."
-- "I was in the hospital last month. I tried to kill myself. I don’t know why you teamed up to hurt me."

The criminal complaint against Heller also makes mention of Heller uploading 385 files onto Reddit in December, including "a 13-page, single-spaced, self-described manifesto claiming to outline the history of the relationship between [Manning] and [Heller}."

Heller was re-arrested Monday and charged with 24 counts of criminal contempt and two counts of stalking. Manning first accused Heller of stalking her in July and Heller was previously arrested in September for violating an order of protection.