Gloria Estefan's Hubby Sued I Crapped My Pants After Emilio Stole My Show

2/8/2015 12:05 AM PST

Gloria Estefan's Husband Sued -- I Crapped My Pants After Emilio Stole My TV Show


Gloria Estefan's husband jacked a TV show from a disabled veteran, who got so stressed ... he pooped his pants -- this according to the lawsuit the guy just filed.  

In his suit, John Jacobs Jr. says he pitched an idea for a singing competition/fitness boot camp to Estefan Ent. -- owned by Emilio Estefan -- way back in 1999. But he says his ideas ended up being used for a reality show called, "New Voices of America."

Emilio's company produced the show in 2005, but Jacobs says he was never compensated.

Jacobs hit rock bottom when, according to the docs, Emilio cancelled a meeting to discuss the show idea. Jacobs says he was distraught and while walking in a mall he "wound up losing his bowel movement in front of people."

Jacobs is looking to flush $15 million out of Estefan Ent. for his emotional stress.