Kanye West Discovers Next Big Rapper On the Street! (EPIC VIDEO)

2/8/2015 6:47 AM PST

Kanye West -- Discovers the Next Big Rapper ... On the Street! (Epic Video)


Kanye West may have changed the life of a random dude who did an impromptu street audition and clearly impressed both Kanye and his tag-along buddy, Justin Bieber.

Cameron Grey pleaded with Kanye to give him a shot as the rapper left a Big Sean concert Saturday night at the House of Blues in WeHo. Justin stood back and watched as Grey impressively freestyled on the pavement.

Grey is just great, and a patient and smiling Kanye seemed almost blown away, asking Grey if he'd be willing to start at the bottom. Grey gave the right answer and handed Kanye his contact info.

You gotta watch this ... best video of the night by far.