Shawn Holley Lindsay Got a Raw Deal

2/25/2015 1:08 PM PST

Shawn Holley -- Lindsay Lohan Got a Raw Deal (VIDEO)

Lindsay Lohan was on the up and up when she performed her community service and got credit for performing onstage ... this according to her lawyer.

Shawn Holley was on her way out of the courthouse when she explained Lohan did a pretty great thing for unfortunate London children by giving them the experience of a West End London play.

The judge disagreed and threw out more than half of Lindsay's community service hours, so she needs to redo 125 hours to complete her probation.

Holly went after prosecutor Terry White, saying all he really had to do was call CSV -- the community service org -- and they would have cleared things up. For his part, we know White is indignant, saying LiLo's community service was bogus.

Lindsay has been on probation for going on 8 years. She may not win an Oscar, but she definitely could get in the Guinness Book.