Justin Bieber Triggers International Incident

4/29/2015 11:08 AM PDT

Justin Bieber -- Triggers International Incident


Justin Bieber
's like a Bond villain -- an internationally wanted man -- and there's a push to get him locked up in Rome, but it hasn't happened yet ... TMZ has learned. 

Rumors swirled Bieber got busted Wednesday morning when police officers swarmed outside his hotel in Rome. Truth is ... no arrest was made, but our Bieber sources confirm he is on an Interpol list because of an outstanding warrant in Argentina. 

As we've reported ... Justin is wanted for not appearing to face charges he allegedly got his bodyguards to beat up a Buenos Aires photog in 2013.

We're told authorities in Argentina have contacted Interpol -- and Justin had to go through secondary search at Customs when he flew into Italy -- but there's been no arrest. Bieber's legal team believes there's a grace period before cops bust him on the warrant ... which was just issued earlier this month.

As for the officers outside the hotel ... we're told they were consulting with Justin's security team on crowd control.

Not so fun fact for Biebs -- Italy and Argentina have an extradition treaty.

Justin's in Rome to shoot "Zoolander 2." He'd better nail it in one take.