Robbie Williams and Wife Sued For Sexual Harassment That Ain't In My Job Description!

5/13/2015 12:40 AM PDT

Robbie Williams and Wife Ayda Field Sued For Sexual Harassment


Getting coffee and picking up laundry are things a personal assistant should do ... talking about sex and commenting on his boss' body are not ... but that's exactly what Robbie Williams' former assistant claims was on his punch list.

Gilles De Bonfilhs has sued Williams and his wife, Ayda Field, alleging he was sexually harassed during his short tenure as the couple's assistant.  

In his lawsuit, Bonfilhs says he was fired in January, but not before he was subjected to a barrage of sexual misdeeds from Field. Specifically, Bonfilhs claims she: 

-- Walked around in various stages of undress
-- Shared details about her sex life
-- Questioned him about his sex life
-- Asked him to answer questions and comment on her body

Williams is named a defendant, but Bonfilhs makes no sexual harassment allegations against him.

A rep for Robbie tells us, "The claims being made by a disgruntled former employee, after he was sacked for serious misconduct, are entirely without substance."  They added, "Any proceedings will be strenuously defended."