'American Crime Story' Dead Ringer Cast For O.J. Simpson Show

5/14/2015 1:49 PM PDT

'American Crime Story' -- Dead Ringer Cast for O.J. Simpson Show (PHOTOS)

Marcia Clark and Christopher Darden are going to have serious flashbacks after seeing these photos of David Schwimmer, John Travolta and Selma Blair decked out in their 'American Crime Story' duds.

The trio -- who play Robert Kardashian, Robert Shapiro and Kris Jenner, respectively -- were on set Thursday filming the FX show about the O.J. Simpson trial.

Schwimmer looks eerily like the Kardashian patriarch, right down to the patch of grey hair in the front. 

Momager Jenner gave the cast her blessing to a TMZ photog just the other day ... and now that we've seen them on set ... it's hard to argue.