'The Simpsons' It's NOT Over Producers and Harry Want to Make it Work

5/14/2015 10:10 AM PDT

'The Simpsons' -- It's NOT Over ... Producers and Harry Want to Make it Work


Harry Shearer could come back to "The Simpsons" after all, because we've learned both sides want to make it happen .... but there's still a major hurdle.

Harry said Wednesday night his negotiations with producers had broken down and he would not come back to the show. Producers said they were moving on and finding new people to do Harry's voices.

But James L. Brooks, the exec producer of the show, just tweeted, "Hey, we tried. We're still trying. Harry, no kidding, let's talk."

And we just spoke with sources directly connected with Harry who told us, "It was difficult for him not to come back. He loves all 23 of his characters. If there's a way to work this out and continue to have a career in addition to 'The Simpsons' he would be delighted."

So the door is open, but our sources say Harry and producers are at loggerheads over Harry's ability to do other projects. Our sources say Harry has more restrictive language in his contract than other cast members. They say producers bent a little, allowing him to do other things if they agreed.

We're told Harry and his lawyer, Larry Stein, would not agree to giving producers the right to veto Harry's other projects.

But at least the door is still open.