Cuba Gooding Jr. Hey, O.J. ... 'Memba This!?!?

6/10/2015 4:23 PM PDT

Cuba Gooding Jr. -- Hey, O.J. ... 'Memba This!?!? (PHOTO)

Cuba Gooding Jr. was surrounded by cops in Bev Hills on Wednesday -- which tends to happen when you cruise around in a white Ford Bronco, looking like O.J. Simpson

Cuba was shooting scenes for 'American Crime Story' when he gave us a glimpse of his O.J. makeup. Gotta say ... it's pretty good. We can't tell from the pics if Malcolm Jamal-Warner, who plays Al Cowlings, was behind the wheel yet.

Next week will mark the 21st anniversary of O.J.'s iconic low-speed chase through Los Angeles freeways.

If 'Crime Story' draws the same kinda ratings as the real chase did ... FX will give series creator Ryan Murphy whatever he damn well wants.