Ray J Corvette Smashed at Dog Party!!

6/15/2015 8:29 AM PDT

Ray J -- Corvette Smashed at Dog Party!! Someone Really Stepped in It (VIDEO)


Ray J made one hell of an entrance to his $30k dog party -- just as he pulled up, his friend's beautiful Corvette Stingray got smashed by an SUV ... and the video is hysterical and painful at the same time.

Check it out ... Ray J arrived in his Ferrari and his homie pulled up behind him in the 'Vette, and then came the big BANG -- the driver's door ... of the $80,000 machine ... was almost torn off by the passing SUV!

Warning: If you love sports cars, this might make you cry. On the other hand ... Ray J mugging with the tow truck driver as he removes the Corvette will make you laugh.

All this before Boogotti or one of his pals could even crap on the red carpet.