Drake From 'Degrassi' to Compton ... Thanks to The Game

6/17/2015 12:40 AM PDT

Drake -- From 'Degrassi' to Compton ... Thanks to The Game

Exclusive Details

Drake earned his official Compton 'hood pass -- a far cry from his Degrassi High hall pass days -- all because he was rolling with The Game

Game played ambassador ... taking Drake to his hometown to shoot a music video for their song "8 More Than 92," which will be on Game's new album, "The Documentary 2." Aside from the video shoot, we're told Game thought this was a great opportunity to introduce Drake to the real side of town.

Let's face it ... the tough streets of Toronto ain't that tough, and no one's ever mistaken Drizzy for a gangsta. But Compton welcomed him with open arms ... and Drake posed with all the homies, even the ones throwing up gang signs.

Just to keep it 100 ... there was a brief run-in with 5-0 as cops showed up for an overzealous fan who had wandered on set. 

Drake. Officially 'hood approved.