Brian Williams Deception Excuse Makes No Sense

6/19/2015 6:51 AM PDT

Brian Williams -- Deception Excuse Makes No Sense (VIDEO)

Brian Williams tried explaining to Matt Lauer why he lied about war and other stories, but he may have dug a deeper hole for himself. 

Williams appeared on "Today" Friday and said the last 5 months have been "torture" for him.  

Matt began probing for motive, and Brian said he somehow drew a truth line ... when he got out of his anchor chair and did a talk show, he got "sloppier" because he felt the pressure of having to be quick and funny.

Matt then followed up and asked about lies Brian told in the anchor chair, and Brian said, "It came from a sloppy choice of words."  

It doesn't make sense ... in the anchor chair there was no pressure to be quick or funny ... so how is that a "sloppiness" issue rather than a lying issue?