Hudson Yang Six-Figures, Maybe SEVEN For My FIRST TV Gig

6/20/2015 12:10 AM PDT

'Fresh Off The Boat' Star -- Six-Figures, Maybe SEVEN ... for My FIRST TV Gig


"Fresh Off The Boat" star Hudson Yang is gonna demand "Friends" money by the time he hits 20 -- because the adorable 11-year-old's already making bank, despite being a newbie to acting.

Yang plays rap-obsessed tween Eddie Huang on the ABC comedy ... about an Asian-American fam in Orlando. It premiered to huge ratings back in February.

Since he’s a minor, Yang’s deal had to be approved by a judge … and according to the docs, if the show lasts 7 seasons, he’ll be a millionaire by his 18th birthday. It's already been picked up for Season 2.

Yang hauled in $227,500 for the first 13 episodes. Not bad, considering his only credit before this was a small role in a movie nobody saw.

He's gonna get 4% raises each season of the show. That's a ton of video games and skateboards, dude.