Meek Mill When I'm On Tour I'm Meat Mill

6/29/2015 12:40 AM PDT

Meek Mill -- When I'm On Tour, I'm Meat Mill


Meek Mill demands enough food to kill a cow -- literally -- when he performs with Nicki Minaj.

We got hold of his backstage concert rider, and it's pure gluttony.

-- 100 mild or lemon pepper wings 
-- 5 lbs of seasoned turkey meat
-- potato chips, cookies, Doritos
-- 2 half gallons of Simply Raspberry Lemonade

BTW ... that's just lunch. Now here's the dinner menu:

-- Fresh baked, fried or grilled fish
-- Real jerk chicken
-- Oxtails, rice and peas
-- Mixed Grill, including ribs, steak, BBQ chicken and shrimp
-- Roast turkey
-- Salmon
-- Trout
-- Mahi-Mahi
-- Snapper
-- Orange Roughy
-- Chinese Stirfry
-- Spaghetti
-- Lasagna
-- Linguine
-- Veal
-- Collard greens, veggies, red beans, rice, yams, sweet potatoes, corn on the cob, etc.

It makes a Mill thirsty, so there's
-- 7 bottles Moet Chandon
-- 3 bottles Brignac Brut God Ace of Spade
-- 5 bottles  Ciroc
-- 2 bottles Patron Silver

Meek's also concerned about security, requiring 2 police or other security on standby to whisk him out of the venue if there's trouble.

What we didn't see ... several rolls of toilet paper.