Paula Cole I Don't Wanna Wait ... For My 'Dawson's Creek' Dough

7/10/2015 3:02 PM PDT

Paula Cole -- I Don't Wanna Wait for My 'Dawson's Creek' Dough


Paula Cole should be drowning in "Dawson's Creek" cash for the insanely catchy theme she sang, but she suspects she's getting screwed so she's opening a can of legal whuup ass on her labels.

Apologies, 'cause you're gonna be singing it for the rest of the day -- but Paula's "I Don't Want to Wait" intro'd every episode of 'Dawson's' from 1998 to 2003. Still, she says had to fight Warner Bros. Records and Imago Recording just to get an accounting of royalties she's owed for 'DC' ... and other TV shows and films that used her music.

Once she got the docs, she says the numbers didn't add up, and could've been off by up to $1 MILLION!  Paula is suing to get a proper accounting ... so she can get her fair share in royalties.

She's also demanding all her master recordings, because ... "Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?" never gets old.