Paz De La Huerta I Want $55 Million For the Worst Movie EVER

7/20/2015 12:50 AM PDT

Paz De La Huerta – I Want $55 Million for the Worst Movie EVER


Paz De La Huerta claims an unscrupulous movie director and an ambulance chaser ruined her career ... a career she claims is worth $55 million, which is what she's gunning for in a new lawsuit.

It's a pretty amazing story. Paz starred in what many consider the worst movie of all time -- "Nurse 3D." She played a nurse hell-bent on murdering cheating, scummy men.

Now here's the problem that triggered the lawsuit. Paz claims she was shooting a scene where an ambulance was supposed to speed by, but it ended up clipping her. Paz says she suffered a spinal fracture and told movie execs she was going to file a worker's comp claim.

That's all the director needed to hear. According to Paz, he decided she was a pain in the ass so he had a lousy actress dub her voice in the ambulance scene and other scenes as well.

The movie tanked, bringing in a grand total of $5k opening weekend. Critics panned the flick, pointing to Paz's monotone performance.

So she says her career is cooked, and since she was making around $2 million a year, she believes that would total $55 million, plus punitive damages.

And that's not all. She wants the judge to order the director to re-dub the voice in the movie with hers. Bad idea ... it could become another "Avatar" and she could lose out on that $55 mil.