Drake Sued You Sabotaged 'Homecoming' ... To Line Your Own Pockets

3/18/2015 5:26 PM PDT

Drake Sued -- You Sabotaged 'Homecoming' Movie to Line Your Own Pockets


Drake's campaign to kill his own movie release just got him a big fat lawsuit from the company distributing the film.

Specticast filed the suit against Drake for blasting the film, and encouraging his 21 million Twitter followers to stay away when it hits theaters Thursday ... for one night only.

"Drake's Homecoming: The Lost Footage" features concert footage from a 2009 show in Toronto ... and new interviews with people like Jas Prince ... who discovered Drizzy.

Drake disavowed the movie Monday by tweeting ... it's "not something OVO or Drake have any part in. I feel it is my responsibility to inform and protect my fans."

Drake hasn't offered any further explanation -- but doubled down by also telling fans Rap-A-Lot Records honchos Jas and J. Prince were also boycotting.

In the suit, Specticast speculates Drake did it to draw attention to his Twitter page -- because shortly after launching the attack, he started tweeting about ticket sales for his OVO Fest this summer.