Drake I Hate My Movie But There's Zero Beef ... With J. Prince and Jas

3/17/2015 10:12 AM PDT

Drake -- I Hate My Movie ... But There's No Beef with J. Prince and Jas

Exclusive Details

There's a full scale mutiny behind Drake's feature film now -- just 2 days before it hits theaters -- because executive producers J. Prince and Jas are also discouraging fans from seeing it.

24 hours after Drizzy disavowed "Drake's Homecoming: The Lost Footage" ... the Rap-A-Lot Records honchos doubled down ... as Drake tweeted, "James Prince and I stand together on not supporting the Drake Homecoming footage in theaters. #protectingthefans"

Minutes later Jas showed his support for that statement by retweeting it.

Sources connected to the film tell us Drake wanted to make it clear he has no issues with the Prince family ... as many people thought after he torpedoed the movie Monday. 

As for the movie's release -- we're told it's full steam ahead, even though its star and producers are telling fans to watch at their own risk. 

The Princes aren't the only execs on the movie -- and sources close to the production tell us some of the others are pissed about Drake's attack. We're told there's already been talk about a possible lawsuit.