Chanel West Coast I Was Brutalized During Arrest

8/5/2015 1:08 PM PDT

Chanel West Coast -- I Was Brutalized During Arrest (PHOTOS)

Chanel West Coast is screaming bloody murder over her arrest, claiming she was assaulted by two security guards she thinks are cops.

The "Ridiculousness" star posted photos after her release showing off fresh new bruises up and down her arms ... claiming they're the result of being  manhandled and violently handcuffed.

Chanel said, "This S*** ain't a race issue. It's a cop issue!"

Thing is ... the guys who slapped the cuffs on her were not police ... they were security guards hired by 1 OAK. And, when you watch the video, Chanel didn't submit quietly to the citizen's arrest.

We broke the story ... Chanel was arrested at the WeHo nightclub Tuesday. L.A. County Sheriff's deputies took her to the station after she was handcuffed by the guards.

Chanel could have avoided the arrest by calming down ... the guard says on camera he would have let her go but then she punched and kicked him.