Michael Jackson Doctor Shares Hand-Rolled 'Cigarette' With MJ's Son

8/6/2015 1:00 AM PDT

Michael Jackson Doctor -- Shares Hand-Rolled 'Cigarette' With Prince Jackson (PHOTO)


One of Michael Jackson's doctors had a famous guest on his yacht Tuesday -- Michael's son, Prince Jackson -- and they were sharing a hand-rolled "cigarette" and passing it around to various people on board.

The doctor -- Alex Farshchian -- had a complicated relationship with Michael. According to a letter he wrote to Michael -- seized by the Santa Barbara Sheriff's Dept. in MJ's molestation trial -- the doctor was trying to get Michael off Demerol and onto a synthetic, less addictive substitute for the drug.

That's why the photos are so interesting ... the doctor who was treating Michael Jackson in the throes of his Demerol addiction was smoking something with MJ's 18-year-old son.

Dr. Farshchian tells TMZ they were smoking tobacco on the yacht in Miami. It's odd that a tobacco cigarette was passed around to at least three people.