Oprah Billionaire Boat Showdown

8/7/2015 4:00 PM PDT

Oprah -- Billionaire Boat Showdown (PHOTOS)

Oprah is the billionaire queen of media, but she's still no match for royalty when it comes to sailing the Mediterranean.

The Big O and gal pal Gayle King were spotted off the coast of Ibiza on The Rising Sun, billionaire David Geffen’s $200 million superyacht. They've vacationed on it before ... and looking at Rising Sun's stats it's not hard to see why Oprah's back aboard. It's loaded with a basketball court, helipad, wine cellar, 45-person crew, movie theater, swimming pool, and a submarine meant for emergency exit ... if it ever goes down like the Titanic.

But O's boat is dinghy-like compared to the $350 million yacht Eclipse, which was cruising with Princess Beatrice of York and her BF.

The Eclipse, owned by Russian tycoon Roman Abramovich, comes fully loaded with a cinema, two helipads, three subs, 20 jet skis, a 70-person crew, two pools (one of which turns into a dance floor) and a missile detection system ... no joke.

Oprah didn't seem to have any boat envy because she invited the princess aboard.

Still good to know people in high places ... even if you’re Oprah.