Jerry Springer TV Show Triggers Prison Fight

8/19/2015 9:36 AM PDT

Jerry Springer -- TV Show Triggers Prison Fight

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A Florida inmate, who's also a Jerry Springer fanatic, is facing a felony charge after he allegedly lost it last month on another inmate who refused to let him watch the show.

According to law enforcement, 32-year-old Antron Smith was ready to watch the 4 PM airing of 'Springer' -- a daily routine. The  problem -- other inmates were watching a movie. Smith demanded to switch the station to 'Springer' and that's when inmate Donnie Floyd "spoke up."

According to the report, first released by The Smoking Gun, Smith took a page from his favorite show -- attacking Floyd by forcing his head back, slapping him in the face and flushing his commissary down the toilet.