Judge Joe Brown Screw the Racists I Just Won Case that Put Me in Jail

9/3/2015 8:34 AM PDT

Judge Joe Brown -- Screw the Racists ... I Just Won The Case That Put Me in Jail


Judge Joe Brown says he just beat a bunch of racists in the court case that landed him in jail.

The African American woman who Joe was representing when he got locked up for contempt is now off the hook, because she was framed.

The woman had been hauled into court by a guy who claimed they had a daughter together and he wanted child support. A judge actually issued an arrest warrant for Joe's client, but the court just ruled not only was the woman NOT the mother ... the daughter was made up by the guy just to squeeze money out of her.

Brown went to jail after trying to explain this to the court, but a magistrate felt Joe got too emotional. Now the former TV jurist says, "Shelby County (Tennessee) is the most racist and bigoted court system I have ever encountered."

As for his jail experience, Joe says, "The jail is run like a slave warehouse."