Jason Derulo Cited by Cops For Ear-Shattering Sunday Bash

9/28/2015 6:30 AM PDT

Jason Derulo -- Cited by Cops for Ear-Shattering Sunday Bash


Jason Derulo is a little too popular for his own good ... cops came to his house Sunday not once, not twice, but three times because of a raucous party. 

Jason had hundreds of his closest friends over for a day party, but just before 5 PM neighbors pitched a fit, because there were around 200 cars parked on the streets, clogging traffic. But worse, Jason's neighbors said the noise was intolerable.

Cops came and told security to turn it down, and then left. But 2 hours later, the noise was at the same level, so police came back, went inside the house and cited Jason for excessive noise.

Cops came back a third time after neighbors reported a fight outside Jason's house.

A good time was had by people inside the party and absolutely no one outside.