Christopher Mintz-Plasse I Got So Much Love For The HERO Chris Mintz

10/2/2015 10:34 AM PDT

Christopher Mintz-Plasse -- I Got So Much Love for the HERO Chris Mintz

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Chris Mintz-Plasse, aka McLovin from "Superbad" ... is not the Chris Mintz who was shot 7 times Thursday while trying to stop the Oregon community college shooter.

Chris Mintz-Plasse, the actor, took to social media to address the case of mistaken identity. 

The Oregon Chris Mintz is an army vet who remained in the hospital Friday recovering from his gunshot wounds and two broken legs.

Chris, the actor, says he's got nothing but love for Chris, the hero ... and has since re-routed all the well-deserved fan fare toward the correct Twitter and Facebook pages.