Paris Hilton Trapped in an Elevator in China

10/16/2015 10:13 AM PDT

Paris Hilton Trapped In An Elevator In China

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Jio ming! ... that’s Mandarin for HELP! -- which is what Paris Hilton and a group of people needed -- along with some fresh air -- after they got stuck in a crowded elevator in Beijing.

Everything starts off relatively calm inside the lift from the video Paris shot, but things turn into full-on panic when security and mechanics can't pry the doors open.

You can hear people scream, cry ... Hilton even sends a shout-out to the man above. We know Paris is a good actress, but It doesn't sound like she's faking this time. 

The whole ordeal lasted about an hour until someone risked an arm to get the doors unstuck, and even he threw up afterward from nerves ... according to someone in the elevator.

We're guessing Paris took the stairs down.