'Back To The Future' Star Hook Me Up with ... Some Self-Lacing Nikes!

10/21/2015 3:03 PM PDT

'Back To The Future' Star Lea Thompson Still Waiting for Self-Lacing Nikes ... Like the Rest of Us


"Back to the Future" actress Lea Thompson is pumped up to reunite with her castmates, but bummed about one piece of technology from the movie she just can't get her hands on ... yet. 

Lea was on TMZ Live today to help us celebrate "Back to the Future" Day. She was getting ready for Wednesday night's screening of the film's original sequel ... which featured those cool self-lacing shoes.

Nike says it's finally created the kicks in real life, but even though Lea had a starring role as Marty McFly's mother ... she told us the swag hasn't shown up on her doorstep. 

Still, she's not walking away empty handed ...